Viagra Prices To Plummet

It is good news for many men with erectile dysfunction (ED). After twenty years of Viagra prices of $20.00 or more per pill, Pfizer’s patent on this very-popular brand name drug is set to expire on March 27th, 2012. The new, lower price for generic equivalents is good news because the high per pill pricing of Pfizer’s drug placed it out of reach for many low-income men in need.

Generic versions of Viagra (sildenafil) will contain precisely the same ingredients as the brand name pills. According to Steven Tuckman, the Pharmacy Manager at New York’s Montefiore Medical Center, “It’s the same medication at a lower cost. It’s just going to be cheaper. That’s it!” Thus, the new, lower costs will be very good news indeed. The question is just how soon after the March 27th patent expiration date the generic versions will be available from pharmacies.

According to FDA spokesman Sally Walsh, “Generics typically come out the first day after a patent expires since pharmaceutical companies file an application with the FDA monthly or even years in advance. Our goal is to make them available as soon as the law allows.” This having been said, keep in mind that the new lower prices won’t be as low initially as they will after some time passes. That’s because the first manufacturer who submits an ‘Abbreviated New Drug Application’ to the FDA generally receives a 180-day exclusive permit to sell the generic product. Alot of users may want to increase ejaculation - Prices can be expected to plummet even more after that 180-day period. Moreover, with other brand-name drugs that have gone generic, the lower prices are all over the place. The best news is that competition in the generic drugs can eventually result in much, much lower prices no matter what the generics will be called.

Three well-known companies, Teva, Torrent and Apotex, have received tentative approval for generic Viagra at different strengths. However, the must receive final FDA approval before they can sell their drug and the FDA treats each strength as a different product. But you won’t see them on the shelves at your local pharmacy until the FDA tenders final approval. It is also worth noting that this product will not work for herpes simplex 1 treatment |

Insurance Companies May Have a Role

Even gentlemen who can well afford the cost of the name brand costs may discover that their insurance companies have mandated that they switch to the new, lower cost generic pills. Simply stated, if the generic pills cost much less, the insurance companies will have to shell out much less, which they obviously prefer to do.

There is probably some good and some bad news here as well. Since most insurance companies do not cover medications such as Viagra at all, it seems very likely that the new generics will sell for a much lower price. Perhaps as much as 50% less than Pfizer Viagra sold for. It is also possible, however, that some insurance companies might start covering these erectile dysfunction pills due to the much lower prices, but they may only cover six pills per month—bad news for people who prefer sex more frequently. It is also possible that pharmaceutical companies who offer competitive ED medications such as Cialis and Levitra, as well as penis extenders -, may begin offering coupons or other discount offers to protect the share of market that they might lose to the new lower-cost Viagra generics.

A Word to the Wise

Many men have turned to the Internet to purchase their pills because Viagra from Internet pharmacies are much lower. Most of these pills are manufactured offshore in countries such as India, who do not have to follow the rigid approval requirements of our FDA. Thus, purchasing any ED medication on the web carries a risk, since you have no assurance as to how they are manufactured or what they actually contain.

Also, check with your doctor before switching to the generics at much lower prices. He will know if the generic medication you choose has a ‘narrow therapeutic index’ (small potency difference) that is acceptable.

Join Up!

The 911 Hard Hat Pledge is one American’s response to the proposed construction of a mosque at Ground Zero. That American is Andy Sullivan, a life-long resident of NYC and an American “hard hat”. Andy and a growing number of American’s agree that the controversy surrounding the mosque being planned by the Cordoba Initiative to be opened on September 11, 2011 is NOT a “rights” issue but an issue of respect , sensitivity, transparency and responsibility.

As Americans, we acknowledge Imam Feisal Rauf’s “right” to build a mosque. That is not the issue. But for most Americans, it is wholly contradictory of the Ground Zero Mosque developers to claim that it will be a center of “inter-faith” relations… when implicit in the term “inter-faith” is the fundamental notion of respect and sensitivity to those of other faiths and to those who view the Ground Zero area as a cemetery. Most Americans are equally troubled by the Imam Feisal Rauf’s well-documented anti-American statements and his established relationships with Islamic terrorist organizations like Hamas. To this day, Imam Rauf refuses to denounce Hamas… an organization that our own State Department has designated as a “terrorist” organization. Why is that?

It seems obvious to plain-spoken Americans who aren’t cowed by “political-correctness” that Imam Rauf and the Cordoba Initiative’s motivations, associations and apparent lack of transparency, are a cause for legitimate concern. And so, while politicians waffle or hide, Andy and the country’s hard hat contractors ARE taking a stand with “The 911 Hard Hat Pledge”! Now you can stand and be counted too, as construction workers, vendors and planners nationwide pledge to put down their tools and deny their labor to construct the 13-story mega-mosque overlooking the battlefield at Ground Zero. It couldn’t be easier for you to join in support of the 911 Hard Hat Pledge! We’ve joined with Andy and his American hard hats, in order to flood the mailboxes of politicians and key decision-makers with 911 Hard Hat Pledge postcards. It will leave little doubt about how you feel. And best of all, we do ALL the work. With just a few clicks, we will print and mail your 1st-class delivered postcards right to the to the door of these key politicians and decision-makers. Click the <b>”ACT NOW”</b> button to the right… pick from our list of key decision makers… or enter any zip code to also add your own Senators and Representatives. Send one card for $1.65… or 20 cards and we will automatically discount the price for each card. It couldn’t be easier. Your influence counts… USE IT!

Causes of E.D.

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, and you will find that there are almost too many to count. The reason that there are so many causes of ED is that sexual arousal requires more than just blood and hormones, but requires the brain, emotions, muscles, nerves, and the actual vessels in the penis in order to achieve proper arousal. All of these things need to work together in harmony in order to achieve full and proper sexual arousal, and the problems only crop up once one of these things are imbalanced or out of harmony with the other factors. Learn more about penis extender |

It is when the body is imbalanced in some way that you are unable to achieve true arousal, as the various factors in arousal are unable to work together. If the chemicals in the brain are off balance, the sexual signals cannot be sent to the penis. If the heart is not working well or there are blockages in the blood vessels, the penis cannot get enough blood to harden properly. If the nerves don’t respond to the signals, there is little or no response to the brain’s stimulation of the reproductive organs. The reproductive system is a delicate balance, and erectile dysfunction occurs when the balance is disrupted in some way. You may consider apenis extender or a penis pump such as the Quick Extender Pro to treat impotence and increase penis size.

What can disrupt the internal balance of the body enough to cause erectile dysfunction? There are many things that can cause erectile dysfunction, and physical causes are the most common:

  • Heart disease, which results in reduced blood flow to the genitals.
  • Atherosclerosis, which is clogged arteries that do not allow sufficient blood to flow throughout the body. Without sufficient blood flow, the body does not produce the right amount of hormones to stimulate the penis.
  • High blood pressure, which causes the heart to work too hard and thus weaken.
  • Diabetes, which usually results from obesity. Obesity is usually accompanied by atherosclerosis, which prevents the blood from circulating properly.
  • Metabolic syndrome, which causes high levels of insulin accompanied by excess fat around the midriff, elevated blood pressure, and high levels of LDL cholesterol.
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Low testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, and is needed by the body in order to stimulate the penis into arousal. Without sufficient testosterone, the penis cannot get hard.
  • Peyronie’s Disease, which is scar tissue forming inside the penis.
  • Prescription medications, which can alter the body’s delicate internal balance and lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Tobacco, which causes elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, which prevents the heart from circulating the blood properly.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse, both of which affect the heart and hormones and in turn cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Treatments for an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, both of which are the result of too much testosterone. By lowering the testosterone that is causing the prostate disorders, the chances of erectile dysfunction increase.
  • Injuries or surgeries to the spinal cord or pelvic area

There are also a number of psychological factors that can contribute to ED:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Problems in relationships, usually due to lack of communication or stress
  • Depression, anxiety, and many mental health disorders

All of the above things can be the cause of erectile dysfunction, as they throw off the body’s delicate internal balance in some way. Male enhancement pills | have also been shown to be effective.  It is important to treat these issues immediately, as by helping the body recover you will restore the internal balance and reduce the chances of ED.

Pheromone Studies

Pheromone studies have been done in many countries around the world, and these studies have all shown that pheromones are directly linked to enhanced mood and sexual arousal. While the chemicals themselves have no control over actual sexual arousal, many people mistake the feelings that are caused by the chemicals when they are sent to the brain. In the end, pheromones are closely linked to human attraction, and are one of the most effective substances to use in order to enhance the attraction between two members of the opposite sex.

Pheromones are tiny chemical particles that are created by the body for the purpose of attracting members of the opposite sex, and they are found both in humans and in members of the animal kingdom. The first studies into the chemicals began in the 1960’s, and research soon showed that the chemicals were effective at creating an attraction between members of the opposite sex in humans and animals alike. Different types of pheromone chemicals were discovered, and the effects of the various chemicals were also documented.

What researchers discovered was that pheromones actually have no scent at all, despite popular beliefs to the contrary. The chemicals simply attach themselves to other chemicals that do have a scent, and they are inhaled into the nostrils along with the scented particles. However, rather than being detected by the nose itself, the pheromone chemicals are detected by the VNO, an organ that is located in the nasal cavity. Further studies revealed that only the majority of humans have the VNO, while a small percentage have no VNO and thus cannot detect the chemicals.

When the chemical is detected by the VNO, the chemical signal is sent to the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus is the emotion and mood center of the brain, and it is subconsciously stimulated by the pheromone chemicals. The result of the stimulus is an elevated mood, slightly rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and a general good feeling. These things are all associated with human sexual attraction, hence the mistaken belief that pheromones directly affect sexual arousal.

The pheromones actually only cause these changes in the hypothalamus with the chemical signal, and the person feels the change in their subconscious. They then feel that they must be experiencing sexual arousal, as their heart is beating faster, they feel happier, and their breathing is slightly shallower. The belief that they are sexually aroused leads to actual sexual arousal, and in that way the pheromones are connected to enhanced sexual interest.

There are many things that the pheromones can do, but all of the effects are the result of the subconscious stimulation of the hypothalamus:

  • Better sex life
  • More romantic interests and dates
  • Enhanced confidence and sense of self-worth
  • Lessening of discomfort when interacting in social situations
  • Increased eye contact from members of the opposite sex
  • Increased interest from potential sexual partners
  • Rejuvenation of a current relationship
  • Enhanced passion when making love
  • A feeling of being comfortable and at ease in various social situations
  • Improved work relationships
  • More optimistic outlook and increase happiness
  • Overall sense of well-being

In the end, pheromones have all these effects simply by stimulating the hypothalamus via the subconscious detection of the pheromones. Using these chemicals can be a great way to obtain all the benefits mentioned above.

Size Genetics Review

Size Genetics is one of the newest penile enlargement systems out in the market that combines a unique exercise regimen with a state-of-the-art traction based penis extender. With these two methods combined, the brand claims to give product users one of the most cost-effective penile enlargement solutions available out in the market today.

What to Expect From the Product

The Size Genetics penile enlargement system promises to give men significant increase in both penile length and girth with the X4 Labs extender. The system makes use of various stretching exercises that will specifically promote natural penile muscle growth – in a similar way as developing your muscles through gym workouts and your penis extender. The routines promote natural cell duplication and tissue growth for that noticeable penile growth and Vimax Extender and the andro extender. The traction is also especially designed not only to promote increased penile length and girth but to correct penis curvature to as much as 70%.

The package includes a medically approved traction-based penile enlargement gadget, a DVD which features helpful and effective penis enlargement pills -, a handy travel bag that allows you to bring the entire package with you wherever you go, 24/7 customer service support, online access to exclusive penile enlargement articles, and last but definitely not the least, a great 180-day money back guarantee.

Size Genetics Product Benefits

The Size Genetics traction-based extender has been approved as safe for use by many surgeons and medical professionals all throughout the world. It can assure you of a safe and most importantly, effective method for enhancing penile size at a much lesser cost compared to surgery or other penile enlargement methods available out in the market today.

Size Genetics is also a great and non-invasive way to get the results that you want. Now, you can skip the dangerous surgical procedures that are not only expensive but will take a large amount of recovery time as well.

Apart from that, the 24/7 online support and their 180-day money back guarantee assure that you that you will always get your money’s worth. If not, you can simply return the product and get your money back – with no questions asked.

Size Genetics Product Disadvantages

The only disadvantage to this penile enlargement regimen probably is that you’ll need to set a separate amount of time to use the product. Studies have revealed that traction gadgets show the best results when they are worn more frequently, for longer periods of time. Hence, you’ll need to go out of your way to schedule specific sessions when you can wear the traction and do the penile enlargement exercises at home.

Shopping Tips

One of the best ways to get a hold of the product is through the World Wide Web. There are now plenty of well-trusted online stores that sell the product today. If you have more time online, you can go looking for sites that offer free shipment and freight services – which can help save up money.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a painless, non-invasive, safe and effective penile enlargement regimen, the Size Genetics is definitely one of the most cost-effective investments to make. And the best part of this is that shopping for the product can be done right at the comfort of your own home.

Tips For Major Increasements

Many couples get to a place in their attempts for conception when they realize that simply doing things the ‘old fashioned way’ isn’t exactly working out for them. Usually, the woman who wants to get pregnant will take on all of the responsibility for conception. However, the woman’s body is only half of the equation. A man has to make sure that his sperm is as healthy as possible, and that it’s as mobile as possible. There are qualifying factors that a doctor will examine in a man’s sperm to make sure that it’s healthy and it works great with ejaculoid and ogoplex. Consider breast enlargement pills –

What are qualifying factors for healthy sperm? They are:

Sperm count: Most men who ejaculate have enough sperm to produce a baby. Typical ejaculate contains over 39 million sperm cells. There is a very great chance that one of them will find a fertile egg at the right time of the woman’s monthly fertility cycle and increase sperm and increase ejaculation with sperm pills or semen pills.

Sperm quality: The sperm shouldn’t be deformed. It should have a normal oval shape to the head, and the tail should be long enough to propel it to the egg. Sperm with deformed head shapes and with deformed tails have a lower chance at fertilizing the egg.

Sperm mobility: Sperm is deemed as healthy if over 40 percent of it is moving. Lots of dead sperm cells signal poor sperm health.

So, if a man is cleared as having healthy sperm, then he has nothing to worry about on his end. He can simply implement some healthy habits to make sure that he continues to produce healthy sperm. But what if a man learns that he’s not producing healthy sperm. Are there steps that he can take to reverse this situation?

There are steps that can be taken. Here are some healthy recommendations for the man who has poor sperm health, or for the man who wants to maintain his healthy sperm:

- Take vitamin C and E to promote the production of healthy sperm: These are easily purchased at any drug store, or at any grocery store. These vitamins should be included in one’s daily health maintenance in any case.

- Make stress management a priority: It’s a known fact that when couples are stressed out, they can’t conceive. This goes for men as well as women. Stress affects sperm production and normal hormone levels. Men who are stressed out need to find healthy coping skills to deal with stress immediately, in order to conceive a baby withperformer 5.

- Exercise to manage stress and overall health: However, working out too much can damage the immune system and produce poor sperm quality. The key is to exercise in a balanced manner that promotes health.

- Lose excess weight: Men who want to produce healthy sperm should eat a healthy diet that promotes the production of healthy hormones, and sperm cells.

Things to avoid for conception and for the production of healthy sperm cells:

- Overindulgence of alcohol: This not only kills the sperm production, it creates overall poor health in the body. This also causes erectile dysfunction, which prevents healthy ejaculation.

- Illegal Drugs: Beyond slowly killing a person, these kill one’s sperm count, produces deformed sperm, and certain drugs can cause erectile dysfunction.

- Hot tubs and baths: If the man must bathe, than he should sit in hot water for no more than a half hour. Hot water damages the sperm count, and changes hormone levels in testicles.

- Long range bike riding: Riding on the bike for long periods of time will raise the testicle temperature and affect sperm production. Avoid this activity if you are planning on producing a baby.

- Don’t wear tight underpants: Tight undergarments produce heat and restrict blood and sperm flow. Wear boxers or undergarments that allow for cool airflow and for healthy blood circulation. This can be very beneficial if you want to increase sperm count.

- Don’t use lubricants during intercourse: These block the flow of sperm to the egg.
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Electronic Cigarettes

Quit Smoking Comparison was established to provide detailed comments regarding the electronic cigarette brands. Today there are only posting detailed reviews but they are also a great source of electronic cigarette discount coupons.

Smokers should be so lucky as to have the political influence of heroin addicts clearly enjoy. When the U.S. government continues its lawsuit against the clinic in San Franscisco Insite safe injection site for heroin users, who recently lost in the Supreme Court, dozens of doctors and scientists stood up to protest. Stephen Hwang, senior researcher at the University of California, called Insite government hostility, “a startling example of a recent trend towards the increasing politicization of science.”

Comparison quitting smoking is one of the few sites that offer electronic coupons cigarettes. Your coupons are these coupons daily and give great deals and discounts. The coupons are legitimate because the comparison is directly Quit working with the manufacturers. Comparison Quitting also provides a direct link to the manufacturer’s website.

The alliance between comparison and Quitting Electronic Cigarette makers is to help smokers to save money, not only for electric cigarettes could be used again and again, but also because customers have direct access to manufacturers. Nor is there any third party brokers or dealers involved, because customers buy products directly from the official store so the price is cheaper.

Adam Quilton was investigating the damage reduction of snuff at the University of California, until he retired last year after a nasty campaign of harassment and harassment by the medical school there could not bear the idea that any may suggest the use of any snuff at all, even if it could reduce the risk of people getting cancer or heart disease. ”We want to be part of anything that increases the social legitimacy and standardization of a product  that technically should not be in the market because it is killing people,” Dr. Sanford Lopresto, doctors for electronic cigarette reviews, said at the time while using an economical e-cig.

Scientifically speaking, some of them are actually very safe substitutes, literally: Snuff, which is low in nitrosamines are carcinogenic, has not been linked to any cancer at all. And electronic cigarettes, although still being studied, might prevent cancer much more than they ever would. In any case, the point of harm reduction, right there on your behalf, not to try, unsuccessfully, to completely remove the damage, but gradually decreases. No need to be ”safe.” It’s best if they are safer. Even Greg Connolly, lead researcher and director of the control program Snuff Research at the University of Harvard has said that “if we can get everyone to switch to smoke [snuff] tomorrow, it would be a miracle of public health.” And the slight decline in smoking rates in America since 2005, reported last month by the Centers for Disease Control directly reflects the adoption of snus products and e-cigarettes in that country, says Adam Quilton, editor at

Customer safety is assured when buying products directly from manufacturers. All transactions are discreet and customer information is not exposed as opposed to buying a third party retailer.

The snuff harm reduction is a much more simple than that. Clinics do not even need. What is needed is to recognize that there is a persistent part of the population, as before, is hard-core nicotine addicts and instead of writing them off or pretending that lecturing will kick our public health is best to work to minimize the risks of their addiction to their health and safety. And there are ways to do it. The promotion of smokeless snuff is a big, since much of the mortal danger that the risk of addiction to nicotine comes from carcinogens in snuff. E-cigarettes, snuff or vapourizers, are another major improvement over smoking. And in Paris, where millions of smokers have opted for a bag of snus under the lip of snuff called, rates of lung cancer and heart disease rates have been reduced to some of the lowest in France. Starting with users, there is strong evidence showing that these low-risk products lead to increases in public health. Makers of electric cigarettes are encouraged to contact the Electric Cigarette Reviewers at Quit Smoking Comparisons.

The welfare of the client is also protected by the guarantee is issued by the manufacturers themselves. Questions about the products are being answered correctly by the manufacturer staff are customer service to answer customer questions.

Quit smoking comparison provides accurate and current information and criticism, as in the case of less best electronic cigarettes –, and they are always asking for feedback from customers who have tried the electronic cigarettes.

It is best to quit the alliance and its comparison with the manufacturer of electronic cigarettes is that viewers and customers are informed about sales and new products.